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WSo, changed AGAIN. I needed to leave the Center summer workshop stuff in the garage until 6/9, which she was okay with — but she misunderstood (or didn’t want to understand) that I needed to stay in the house until 7/6. And now she signed the fucking contract with the new person for 6/1, which is NOT what we had talked about in email, but which I can’t actually counter at this point. 

So I have to find movers who can do this on the second busiest day of the Lawrence moving year, plus I have to find out I can actually get my stuff into the new place a full week before the new landlord, Ruth, expected me to — when she is already desperately going well above and beyond what anyone can expect to get my stuff in early. AND, Conquest is the weekend right before this so she is busy, and I should be doing the auction that weekend. AND, now I have to find a place for me and the cat to stay for nine days instead of two. As of this moment, I want to spit in all the corners as I leave.

It doesn’t matter what she said in email so much as that the contract ends 5/30, and she didn’t formally amend it, and now she has a new contract. She doesn’t care, and I do, and that gives her the edge here. I seriously just want to put my head down and howl like an injured dog. And THEN go spit in the corners. 

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  1. I’ll just leave this reminder here that you know both my cell number and my email for when you need help with any of this process.

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