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The last of the stitches came out from my oral surgery a couple of weeks ago. So, hurrah for that! The next step is trying to decrease the size and general awkwardness of the scars.

Still in limbo about so many things: what about [REDACTED]? Or [ALSO REDACTED]? Or [SO MUCH REDACTED]? But it’s less irksome this week for some reason. Maybe because I am moving forward on some things I am excited about, even if they are not related to any of these particular things. Details to come.

I am learning all about grant-writing, mostly by writing a grant. I have tens of hours of meetings in the next few weeks to learn more. Details, yes, later. I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I?

What can I talk about at the moment? Well, writing remains hard to concentrate on. I think some of this is a project coordination problem. I am not currently happy with how I am managing my tasks, and writing is of course a task. But what has changed in my project coordination compared to six months ago, when things were going better? Nothing in particular, though I have been trying to sort out a better system ever since I started teaching, which is the opposite of the sort of project management I love.

Drawing cats remains lots of fun. I have been drawing cartoon cats every day or two for a couple of months now. The stakes are delightfully low — I am not a cartoonist, and these are being drawn on a tablet, which means I can erase a line a thousand times without destroying the paper. It’s interesting to go back to my first drawings, which were much less competent but so much fresher than my recent cats. Maybe I’ll see if I can retrieve some of that freshness!