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Are you working on – or thinking about – a science fiction or fantasy novel you want to write? Novel Architects Kij Johnson and Barbara J. Webb can show you how to build it. We have almost twenty years of experience teaching writers how to plan and build SF/F novels, helping everyone from experienced professional novelists like R. F. Kuang and Tina Connolly to talented new writers just getting their start.

The Fantasy and Science Fiction Online Novel Master Class is eighteen hours of talks and discussion directed toward helping you design and detail your best novel. By the end of the class, you’ll have been presented with the tools necessary to create a novel: the specific requirements of the form and genre as well as novel-focused discussions of character, worldbuilding and immersion strategies, plot and structure, and BB.

This master class is not a workshop, but nine sessions that include advice specific to your projects:

  • Class 1/5: What we do and how. Planners, pantsers, and blueprints.
  • Classes 1/9 and 1/12: Plot shapes and structure.
  • Classes 1/16 and 1/19: World-building, setting.
  • Classes 1/23 and 1/26: Characters and interactions: triangles, pents, and other dynamics
  • Classes 1/30 and 2/2: Putting it together; problem-solving your book before it starts.

For more personalized support, Kij and Barbara offer substantial discounts on their Personal Blueprinting sessions for attendees of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Novel Master Classes.


Cost: $1000 (half due on acceptance, half before the workshop starts)

How to apply

Send an email to: kijjohnson@gmail.com AND bjwebb@gmail.com

Subject line: 2023 Master Class

Please provide your name, contact information, a paragraph or two about yourself and your writing, and a one- or two-paragraph synopsis or discussion of the book you are interested in writing. If you don’t have a specific book in mind, let us know that. 

Deadline for applying