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(Here’s my locked Patreon post!)

Short one today, partly because the Patreon post got longish.

Big-picture thinking has been going on — nothing to report yet, but excitingish things. Vaguebooking, I love you!

I had a medical scare that turned out to be no more than a blocked salivary gland. It still has to be removed, but evidently this is only a little fancier than pulling a splinter.

I’m at my mom’s house next week. I love being there, but I hate to miss what is perfect Kansas autumn weather: dry and warm and sunny, and cool at night. The trees are just starting to color up. By what’s fallen so far, I am guessing this will be a good year for black walnuts.

I really am distractible these days! I have been working on this post for twenty minutes, but in fact, what I have been doing is checking my texts, moving to closer to my power plug, pouring still more coffee, and looking up the title of a book I thought I might mention here but then decided was too much trouble. But I think the most disorganized thinking of the last couple of weeks is over, so I’ll do better next week!

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I’m so glad your medical scare has turned out to be so fixable. I’m also excited to learn the story behind the vaguebooking when it’s appropriate!

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