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Hey, if you want to catch up with the River Bankers’ latest, I am posting scenes from a short story over on Patreon. Here’s the third of what’s probably seven or eight: https://www.patreon.com/posts/69837104

I am getting ready for the Novel Architects’ Master Class, which starts this evening. Barbara Webb and I have taught about novels a number of times by now, but we keep thinking of new approaches — and yesterday she was outlining her latest thinking about why the things that happen in RPG sessions are fundamentally different from fiction narratives — and that was only the third most interesting thing she talked about! I love spending time with her. I never want to stop doing these classes because I never step hearing (and thinking of) new things. We’re planning on doing the next one in December.

I’ve been working with Chris McKitterick and a crew of volunteers — and AAI staff! — to develop plans for the new Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction and the Speculative Imagination. My classes are being offered in collaboration with Ad Astra, but there are a lot of other things planned, as well. There’s also Twitter, etc. This has been a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to seeing what is next.

Coffee with cream: still delicious.

Only one downside to visiting Barbara while we do the workshop: she has a new Air, which is choking me with envy, but I did only buy my MacBook Pro last year, so I cannot justify a new computer. But a new tablet, that is a possibility….

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  1. Have a wonderful time teaching and planning. Time for me to have some coffee ice cream too now 🙂

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