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I am marching forward on this freelance project, and loving it. I can’t really go into details except to say that it’s for a new RPG, and so I get to draw maps and invent things. This is my happy-place, for sure. Dear Universe, feel free to throw more of these my way!

But I also am eager to get back to American Tour. It’s close to finished, just a month or two away. And the sooner I get back to it, the more likely that “a month or two” is not going to get jacked up by the five dissertations and I forget how many theses I am chairing this spring.

Re: the holiday, so far so good. I am neither depressed nor stressed; I feel seasonal (if not quite festive yet), and I am heartily looking forward to solo Christmas: eggnog and bourbon and The Muppets Christmas and etsy and a credit card.

Not really that much else to say just now. I am worried for friends and worried for what might happen before 1/20, but I have been keeping all that under control, and meanwhile I have squirrels and long walks and good food and books to read. I hope you all have some comforts, as well.