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(This was in Glasgow; I do love fancy carved stone.)

Yesterday was wall-to-wall, from getting to the office by 8am to finishing class at 9pm. Home (where I ate everything that was in the front row of stuff of the refrigerator) and then back to the office before 8 this morning for a grad student examination — which they passed, so hurrah for that! Then lunch and the afternoon spent catching up on things for yesterday’s classes (plus some exciting writing-related things), and this evening spent working on my taxes. Tomorrow I will prep for tomorrow’s class and then teach it, and the afternoon will be about trying to get my head back in the fiction game, so that I can write a little Friday.

But for the rest of tonight, I intend not to think about anything at all, except possibly how cute Yūri and Victor are together in Yuri on Ice!!! Almost exactly this time yesterday, I was teaching grad students about the Anglo-Saxon riddle tradition and dream vision poems. A certain amount of whiplash is to be expected.