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I have been using Patreon as a sort of multipurpose blog — personal and writing and photos and every other thing — but I’ve known for a long time that it wasn’t exactly how I wanted to be doing things. I am pretty excited about the changes I am about to make:

Patreon will still be the place I share the actual creation of works. I’ll post stories, fragments, and 250s — some new, some old. When I am working on a project, I’ll keep track there, and that’s where I’ll pass on details about those works: research, revision, schedules, whatever comes up. I will also post a periodic update of projects that are underway or hanging fire. I hope that if you are not yet a patron, you consider it! For those of you who are already there, I will putting more patrons-only work there than I have been.

Here, on my new website, is where the rest of what I was doing on Patreon will move. I have been posting there about my life: writing and school and squirrels and memories and the cat and weather and…well, a lot of stuff, and I think that separating this from the process of creating stories will free it up to be more personal, but it will also let me talk about writing differently.

Facebook — I’ll still keep Facebook, of course — but it’s been a long time since it’s done what I need it to. But if you’re over there? I’ll be linking, so you’ll see…

This is of course an ongoing transition. I’ll be cleaning up and updating things for a bit. Drop me a line if you see something that needs to be done — or just to say hi!